The next Universal Camino to Santiago de Compostela is scheduled between the 18th to the 22nd of July 2017.

From each way, representing all the continents, races and cultures, we walk with an objective, to face the challenges that the future offers us, from another place, from new perspectives.

We walk consciously to find the framework of coexistence in harmony, to show respect for the diversity of human beings, to recognize that which unites us.

During the 5 days of the journey, the groups formed in each way will work on the five key themes (Education, health, economy, culture-art and humanitarian action) through activities designed to encourage reflection and analysis.

As a final conclusion, on the last day, after arriving to Santiago de Compostela, we will gather at a symposium all kinds of proposals to explore new ways of coexistence and global transformation in order to offer a brand new book of all the walkers.

After 5 days of Camino, on July 22nd, we will meet in Santiago to share impressions and exchange conclusions, which will be included in the White Book «We prepare the future – Universal Camino 2017».

  • Scheduled presentations and discussion groups will be organized on the 5 themes: Education, Health, Economy, Art & Culture and Humanitarian action
  • Proposals and new perspectives will be taken into account from each participant.
  • A working document will be created, with reflection and values to help change the way that the world is currently orienting itself and participating in a global co-creation of our future.

All the practical information, the program of activities and enrollment can be checked on our website