We become aware that the Earth is a living being. It is not only the 5 emerged continents that make up its body, but also its tectonic plates that move constantly and that express their forces acting on us without our noticing…

Thus, in the continent where you choose to walk you can discover, intuit, feel … how it is expressed:

AFRICA. In harmony with fire and the sense of sight, the look of recognition. Departure from IRIXOA.

AMERICA. In harmony with the air and the sense of smell, intuition. Departure from CEA.

ASIA. In harmony with the water and the sense of hearing, listen to it. Departure from COMBARRO.

OCEANIA. In harmony with the earth and the sense of taste, enjoy. Departure from CARNOTA.

EUROPA. In harmony with the ether, the quintessence of the other 4 elements, and the sense of touch. Departure from LAXE (La Coruña)

Come with us on the Universal Camino of Santiago de Compostela.