The Asia Way begins in POIO. The municipality of Poio is located in the Salnés region, in the heart of the Galician Rías Baixas. Town near Pontevedra. From Poio we can go to the fishing village of Combarro, two kilometers, really picturesque place. The municipality has beautiful beaches to visit and beautiful places, to which is added its interesting historical heritage: Monastery Museum of Poio, Canteira beach, Historical-Artistic Complex of Combarro, among others … The fishing activity offers daily Best seafood: sea bass, sea bream, salmotete, cuttlefish, squid, etc. And an exquisite taste for the preparation of grilled meats. You will find places for an exquisite dinner.
If you wish and at no additional cost, we will welcome you on first day, in the sports center of Poio, where you can leave your backpacks, take a shower and spend the night. At 10:30 p.m. A meeting will be held at the Poio Sports Center for presentations by the team that forms the Asia Way and a summary of the project and activities to be carried out during the five days.

Accommodation: Sports center de Poio


The exit is made from the pavilion of Poio, is a stage of some difficulty for its length 21 km and its unevenness, rises from sea line to 430m high. The road climbs through the Chapel of Virxe da Renda. During the ascent we can enjoy places with view to the estuary of Pontevedra, which is the first reference of water of this Way, element that represents it. Pass next to the Petroglyphs of Outeiro de Cribo. We started down to the Monastery of Armenteira. From there we will start walking along the Ruta da Pedra and da Auga, «the stone and water route», crossing the river Armenteira and enjoying the rural work and the use of water as a source of movement. We finished the way at Meis. Difficulty: average. Distance traveled: 21 Kms.


This takes place between the towns of Meis and Caldas de Reis, 13.5 kilometers, a short stage that will allow us to recreate in this last town, where water runs along the river, waterfalls and thermal baths. Someone is encouraged to stop by the spa! We will start after an energetic breakfast. The road will pass pleasant until arriving at the park of Caldas de Reis. The afternoon is a good time to take a walk along the river path, with bathroom included, or enjoy the locality. Difficulty stage: low Distance traveled: 13,5 Km.


We leave Caldas de Reis to Valga, separated by 17.9 kilometers. In this way we will find a rural landscape of villages and forests, passes near the Wedding favors of the river Valga (waterfalls). It is a stage with ups and downs, that although it becomes a little demanding, we can realize it finding the harmony and the beauty of the place. We will leave soon in the morning, with the intention of taking advantage of the freshness, the food will be before arriving at the «Wedding favors » towards the town of Casal del Rio. Difficulty stage: average Distance traveled: 17.9 Km.


The municipality of Valga is located on the left bank of the rivers Vaga and Louro, and between the mountains of Os Salgueiros, A Lagoa and Fonteecha and coincides with the Portuguese road. It is a beautiful path that opens through a rural landscape full of granite stone, which we have already enjoyed, and which is evident here in every house, in each orchard, in the crossroads, in the temples. It passes through the town of Padrón «cradle of the Xacobeo» and in her the Pedrón. The Jacobean tradition links it as the mooring place of the Apostolic boat that carries the lifeless body of the Apostle Santiago. A place of pilgrimages, the urban structure retains a medieval layout with narrow streets. Following the Portuguese road we will arrive to Calo. Accommodation: Sports center de Calo Difficulty stage: average Distance traveled: 22 Km.


A high density of small nuclei of populations confirms that the goal is already close. Departure from Calo: it is the final stage, it separates us a distance of only 12.3 kilometers. An exciting awakening, the feeling that has brought us here, is about to be achieved. This last stage is not going to take Santiago with all the strength and enjoying a really unique entry. Difficulty stage: low Distance traveled: 12,3 Km. -The approximate time of arrival of the five continents to the Praza or Obradoiro in Santiago de Compostela, will be about 13.00. Reencounter of all the groups that have walked along the Roads of America, Africa, Oceania-Australia and Asia. The entrance is made through five different places in the Plaza, symbolically forming the five-petalled rose in the center of the Plaza. -Visit to the Cathedral. -Programmed food for all walkers. This meal will be based on typical products of the place. Symposium «A future in harmony with the Universal Laws»  On Saturday afternoon we will meet to share experiences, impressions, make proposals … * Soon we will inform you about the place where the meeting will be held. *  Night of Saturday 11/08: For those walkers who want to stay from the night of Saturday 11th in the city of Santiago de Compostela, there are these options among many others that you can find: Hostal Seminario Menor – Avda. Quiroga Palacios, 2 – 1.3km from downtown Santiago Compostela Hostel – San Pedro de Mezonzo 28 low, in the center of the City. We advise you to book a room with time, taking into account the summer dates.


Combarro, A Armenteira, A Barcia, Os Cruceiros, San Martiño de Meis, A Igrexa, Rial, Ladrido, Porto do Salto, Chan de Outeiro, Xagobe, Currás, O Liñar, San Xoan, Rapeira, A Moureira, Barreiro, Caldas de Reis, Aboi, Baltar, Faramontáns, Casaldrago, As Ribocias, Pedrafita, Raxoi, Chenlo, San Miguel, Valga, Souto, Cimadevila, Sinde, Berxaos, A Insua y Santiago de Compostela.


Monasterio de Armenteira, Ruta da Pedra e da Agua, Carballeira de Caldas de Reis, Cataratas de Raxoi, Capilla Virgen del Carmen, Catedral de Santiago.