The universal path is an initiation march of ascension, of search of conscience, of liberation towards the original source, because we go to the reunion and to the union of all the humanities, of all the beings, we put into practice the recognition and fraternity of heart at heart among all the participants, time of meeting and reconciliation between men and women, among all beings animated by the same flame.

WE PROPOSE to make a march of 5 days, creating a present and a future with the living of universal values, sharing activities that allow us to open our consciousness towards a wider dimension of ourselves, discovering and recognizing realities that are inscribed in our DNA, in our deep being.  The Universal Laws will allow humanity to rediscover its unity.

The UNIVERSAL LAWS have been given since the beginning of humanity and in all religions, (example: the laws of moses, etc …), in their time they brought to men rules of life and commitment.

These laws are given to us again in this facet of time through this magnificent work, UNIVERSAL LAWS AND GREAT TRADITIONS of D. Didier, Éditions Mercia du Lac (Switzerland).

These sacred texts give a new meaning to the Universal Laws and guide us along a path of beauty, spirituality, fraternity and love.

They open the doors for us to understand the role of the human being in the universe, on the planet, in the place where we live, of our role so that we can develop and live fully …                                                                      The role, the function of the human being is to raise awareness, to live in ourselves the creation, the order, the divine origin inscribed in our heart.

They are to awaken and understand the divine nature in the human and apply it.  The reason of our life is to find the thread of union with the primal source that connects us from the origins to the present moment.


Consciousness and love are fuel laws that circulate in creation, in the cycle, they are forces that activate and animate life.

Faith, creation and commitment are the choice of man (masc.-fem.). To set in motion, to take action … the act of faith is an alliance with the divine.

The universality, the collective and fraternity to understand who we are, where we are going, where we come from…

Ascesis, Rectitude to enter into spiritual art, to work, to discover the reality of our being: the old that prevents us from being liberated, the ill-lived facets, the sufferings, to take away the burden.

The gift and the mansuetude the accomplished man in service for the people, wake up to help awaken others, share with others.

The text shown in the Universal Laws is an excerpt from the book Universal Laws and Great Traditions of Author D. Didier.  Editions Mercia du Lac.

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Mercia Academy,

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Come with us on the Universal Camino of Santiago de Compostela.