The Universal Path

Walked for 5 days 5  different tracks, with a common destination: Santiago de Compostela.

These 5 roads are symbolically 5 petals a pink with its Central point in Santiago Cathedral.

Five days to experiment, felt, share and recognized oneself.  A personal work and collectively.

Universal Rose of Santiago represents the collective of humanity. Recognize the universality is essential to solve all injustices the world.

Another way of Walking

We are a team of people from different places in the world, we join our objectives and values in common, respect between men and women, peace, dialogue between families, recognition, love, solidarity, commitment … and what we put in practice together “walking in consciousness“, otherwise walking, sharing joys and efforts, taking awareness of the unknown living in other lands and pilgrimage to lend a hand.

We choose Santiago because it is one of the places major world, which brings together men and women of all races, sex or beliefs … to share Universal values.

The Universal Path to Santiago de Compostela, is representing all mankind.

The collective of humanity is represented in their five continents.
Walked 5-path, each via represents symbolically a continent, diversity, your multiplicity … every continent is situated taking into account the expression of Earth (tellurologie, as if acupuncture is what is about).

Walked in consciousness the 5-path at the same time for 5 days to harmonize, but also to be aware of the other containers and its people.

It is possible walking different paths, for sounds and different colors that lead us to an encounter, to an embrace, recognition of the other.

Hope to share with you these paths and these objectives for a better world and humanity.


Come with us on the Universal Camino of Santiago de Compostela.